Financial Opportunities Forum

Finance, in all its forms, is a subject that either evokes intense interest or intense fear and confusion. It is also notorious for its jargon and arcane formulae. Those who look to the financial media for sober analysis, are often disappointed, as more often than not, they merely play to the gallery.

In 2008, Parag Parikh Financial Advisory Services Ltd. in aegis with the Rotary Club of Bombay Mid-Town, set about to remedy this. Hence… The Financial Opportunities Forum.

It is one more manifestation of the Rotary Club’s avowed mission of societal enrichment through the dissemination of knowledge. That it was not just a variant of an investment club, was evident from the fact that it was conceptualised in the throes of one of the deepest bear markets in recent times.

The Forum’s twin objectives are:
1. To demystify financial concepts without oversimplifying them. 
2. To offer a dispassionate analysis of topical events.

Apart from throwing light on the logic behind the hard numbers, several presentations also dwell upon aspects of human behavior driving certain corporate actions.

The members comprise an eclectic set, spanning various age groups and occupations. The only common bond uniting them is an abiding desire to learn something new.