Technology is generally supposed to improve our productivity, but when we walk around with our hand held distractors, it becomes difficult to justify the productivity gains. At this month’s FOF, Thursday, January 19 2017, at the Garware Club House – PPF Hall, 5th Floor, Wankhede Stadium,’D’ Road, Churchgate, Mr. Raunak Onkar discusses the evolution of social media, its capacity to distract & disrupt and to understand the powerful digital advertising

Raunak Onkar

Raunak tracks the Technology, Pharma & Media sectors at PPFAS Mutual Fund among others. Apart from his primary areas of research he has a wide variety of interests spanning across sectors & industries. Through his presentations he has covered diverse topics from Media, Pharma, Technology, Retail (online & offline), Telecom to topics like Disruption & Business Failures which synthesizes his reading interests. He brings in his observational style to the presentations which make them engaging & provide lots of resources for further research.

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