Mr. Rajeev Thakkar talks about Amazon at Financial Opportunities Forum.

Amazon is a gigantic e-commerce company that is built around strong moats such as huge volume, ware-housing capacity in different regions and around the globe and high market cap in the stock market. So, Is Walmart still a buy over Amazon? The answer lies in the way Amazon is building sustainable business models and gazing into the future trends, unlike Walmart.

Amazon has built an eco-system that is difficult to replicate by competitors and has a gazelle policy to acquire smaller companies and to build its presence across the board in the e-commerce space.

Jeff Bezos the CEO made a statement that its the beginning of a new era and Amazon is still a start-up company. IT has seen the ups and down and still remained sustainable.

Sales today stand at 95 billion and a market cap of 246 billion which is over that of Walmart (in terms of market cap). Amazon is truly a global player in e-commerce which will make a world of difference to trade on a bigger scale.

The answer lies in tracking amazon and if one is a retailer, it’s important to notice its developments.

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